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Welcome to the Global Energy Balance Archive

The Global Energy Balance Archive (GEBA) is a central database for the worldwide instrumentally measured energy fluxes at the surface, maintained by the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences at ETH Zurich. The GEBA database stores monthly means of the various energy flux components observed at worldwide distributed stations. The technical support of the database is provided by the IT Services of ETH. The database can be accessed in the "Data Retrieval" menu, but requires a registration and approval.

GEBA data are used for

  • the estimation of the global energy balance
  • the detection of decadal changes in the energy balance components, such as a  long term variations in surface solar radiation ("global dimmming and brightening")
  • the validation of surface energy fluxes simulated by climate models and reanalyses
  • the validation of remote sensing algorithms
  • studies on the absorption of solar radiation in the atmosphere
  • applied studies, e.g. in the areas of solar power generation, water management, agriculture and tourism
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